what it is,

Many people ask, what is this "Mighty Cheese?" 

It's a homage to my favorite vaudeville act, invented and staged by PT Selbit.

Two guys would roll a large wheel of cheese out onto the stage on its edge (like a wheel should roll). It would stand there. They would invite anyone from the audience up to wrestle the cheese (just knock it over). Of course, huge strapping guys would come up, smile, and kick the top edge of the cheese. The cheese would promptly swing swiftly on its axis and knock the bounder on his arse. The cheese would triumphantly slowly turn in place, accepting applause. The harder someone pushed the top edge, try to knock the cheese over, the harder it would spin and knock them to the floor. If they tried to tackle it, it would shake them off. Eventually the two assistants would declare the Mighty Cheese the winner and roll it off the stage.

If you know some physics, you will love this. Inside the wheel was a flywheel on an axle, spinning madly. Before coming on stage, the men would hook the cheese up to an electric motor and get that mother flying. The cheese was a huge gyroscope. All of the behavior was predictable and expected. Just not from a cheese.

I recently added this detail, which is found in a chapter of a book on PT Selbit written by Mike Caveney.

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