it was like

barbed wire

running down

my throat

July 8 9 10  2000 AD 
Sore Throat

Okay, maybe that should be very sore throat. These are photos of the ulcerated blisters in my throat. This is the result, according to Rudy's peditrician, of the Coxsackie virus. Also known as hoof and mouth disease. (This diagnosis was confirmed by my GP.) Yes, I am one of the people that can roll and cup their tongue.

Most people have the symptoms once, when they contract the virus as a toddler. I must have missed out, so now I get it as an adult, a more protracted, painful version. (Rudy and Dexter recently burned through it in two days with few complaints.)

I'm thinking of just installing a webcam in my mouth.

The ulcers on the left are smaller, but they follow a line down into my throat. They are matched by ulcers on the underside of my tongue so that every time my mouth moves the ulcers abraid one another. The large ulcer you see on the right is about the same size as the one in the center, hidden by the dangly thingy (Nell says that's a technical term).

Most people that contract this in third world countries die of starvation. They don't have a doctor to call in a prescription for codeine (my friend), or Nell to make them chicken soup. When the codeine wears off it feels like I have twin strands of barbed wire sliding down the sides of my throat.

The doctor says the virus' symptoms will fade in another few days. A week at the most.

I sure hope I get better. Or something.

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