I can't imagine why you are here. I have nothing to sell, and the most interesting photos are elsewhere on the site. I'll put links to the few things I've got.


I am an architect by training. 

I have some programming experience.

I am an inventor and have a patent for a web service (which is no longer be running). 

Before that, my greatest past achievement with computers was The Jungle. I am working on replicating the software in a better environment and I will probably release it as open source when it is complete. 

Recently, I have learned to fly and I am a licensed pilot.


Nell and I love our electric car, and we loved our previous electric car. We also drive a hybrid car. We'd really like to have an electric roadster.

May 1999: This is the best piece I have read so far on the reaction to the Littleton Shootings.

May 2001: A couple years later I finally got around to putting up this excellent piece about violence on television.


You may be curious about the domain name, Mighty Cheese.

July 2000: I had an ulcerated sort throat and made a web page for it. 

May 2001: My brother, Adam, noted a page on the web explaining how to pronounce my name, so I copied it.

September 2006: I am trying to get a handle on my migraines.

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